Sunday, 12 May 2013

Green energy.

Having preached many a sermon on the subject of our human stewardship of this glorious planet I was anxious to find and adopt anything which did not use our fast depleting oil and coal stocks.
Alternative form of energy were talked about and our first notion of a small windmill in our huge garden was instantly squashed because we live in an area of outstanding natural beauty. No argument there, we do.
When we were approached by a green energy firm about solar tiles on the roof we agreed instantly and having lived with them for over a year now we can report that they are doing their job wonderfully well even without all that much sun.
The same company approached us again a month or so ago.....there was a new thing on the market, could they send someone to talk about it? They could and did and David went for it almost without stopping for breath.
This system is very new indeed. It works by a constant flushing out of the radiators , thus making them much more efficient and saving money on our oil bills.
It is now installed, not without some moments of high drama and confusion, however it's all in, even the radiator in a down stairs bathroom, neglected until the final check!
All the thermostats are turned right down and so far we have not been cold but it is of course May!
Only time will tell on this one but if it saves us a fraction of our oil bill which has trebled in the last years, then it will be worth it....I think!
Interesting to see what other green energy ideas emerge...they are much needed!

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