Thursday, 2 May 2013

Lala land.

My world just got weirder!

When I arrived home after two months away everything looked normal....ish.

But it wasn' was all there, waiting for me...the parralel universe which is Tregear Vean. After two days of non stop sneezing I did get some sleep last night having knocked myself out with anti histamine.

The first thing this morning I looked at was a tweet from someone who runs a web site for trapping moles. Pictures of dear little animals held by lovely ladies. I replied that I didn't want to trap them just deter them a little. I am not sure I could ever be mole catcher of the year! Well......

Feeling a little weak before breakfast I trundled up the field to find two new hills with the solar repellers in good voice! Unfortunately they are all singing the same note....if I could recalibrate them a little we have could have a musical stroll of a morning!

Tomorrow for various reasons may be tricky.....we have a cleaner arriving, plus the gardener, and Sainsburys all around the same time but an hour before that we have men coming to sweep our central heating and put in a new green installation guaranteed to save us money! Mmmm

Add to that a wedding rehearsal possibly depending on the tides and fun is guaranteed.

I think that in our absence we were taken over by dark forces and the moles are just that in the leCarre sense.....either that or we really are in lala land and I'd better get used to it!


  1. Moles are friends for life as many discover if they don't take aggressive repellant action against them.

    Thought for the day. :)

  2. I will have to take your word for that. Lol