Monday, 20 May 2013

Life being resumed....

I realised yesterday that the last time I went to Truro was before Christmas! It really has been that long! I went through the accumulated pile of cheques to be paid in and realised that one of them was date marked December!

This means, I am told that I have to get it in this week!

I dont need prompting to go into town usually, but since sailing round the world I've been coughing , unwell and lacking in motivation to shop!

The last really big shop was in Bloomingdales and nothing in Truro comes close.

However needs must, quite apart from a visit to the bank I need to do a food shop at M & S! It astonishes me to find that the last shop there was to get the stuff in for Christmas!

A whole chunk of my life seems to be is May....late May at that....time to get busy again....throw off the cough and either resume the old life with vigour or adopt a new one with joy. Time to pay in the cheques and get on with life....and what ever fate chooses to throw at me next!

I aim to be on the 9.30 ferry! It's a start!