Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Scrabble on Facebook.

I never thought I'd write a post about Facebook and Scrabble but here goes.....the need to get it off my chest is bigger than my reluctance!
I used to  play two games on FB. I get invitations and occasionally dabble with some of the dafter games but the two that demand some actual skill are or were Scrabble and Backgammon!
I gave up backgammon sometime ago because of the wierd rules, Fibs is a much better site for me.  I've played Scrabble for years now with a group of people who I think of as friends......even when they beat me!
I have seen the advert for this wonderful new version but nowhere did I see anything that warned us not to start new games or they would go unfinished!
So yesterday I played....this morning I am unable to access those games. Not only that but every time I click on Scrabble on the iPad they send me to the ap store to buy the version I already have!
It cost almost £5.00 and I am not going to pay for it again!
This is just typical of what has happened to Facebook over the last year.
I am on Twitter as well and enjoy the daily banter a lot but I don't really know many of them. Facebook is different....there are people I've married and christened plus. .there are friends from 30 years ago. It is an easy way of keeping in touch.....but I am tempted to simply pack it in now!
I have heard friends refer to it as a Nazi organisation. I'm beginning to see what they mean!
After all of that I will play probably play scrabble again with the friends I've made over the years....but I will not do it on my iPad if it costs another fiver!
I know I'm a crusty old woman but there are limits and FB are getting very near to them!

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  1. Very wise Jean. I don't play games on anything other than my pc's it all costs money. But the new game looks ok See you there xx