Monday, 17 June 2013

Approaching the solstice.

I have a busy week. Looking at my diary is daunting! So I'm not sure where to start. It's all good, I'm really not complaining but as we approach the end of the school year lots of things are screaming for attention. Teachers tend to get married etc when they have a full six weeks stretching out ahead of them so getting all the loose ends tied up becomes paramount.

The approach to the summer festival of light, the solstice has always been special for me...coinciding roughly with my birthday.

When I lived in North Wales I used to climb the mountain on that evening to the flat top, where there had once been standing was possible on a good day to watch the sun go down in the same cleft in the Snowdonia range of mountains. It was in its own way a sort of pagan magic....but I never thought of it like that. It was just another example of the glory of God apparent all around us!

I am now too old to climb a mountain even if there was such a thing in Cornwall....but the essence of that magic remains.

As we approach the solstice this year I and everyone else I suppose, am praying that midsummer actually arrives soon.

So far apart from a couple of good days it has been cold, gloomy and would be good to have something to celebrate at the end of the week, if only being able to go outside without a jacket on!

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