Saturday, 1 June 2013

Love not Hate.

The first thing I did this morning was post the banner from Hope not Hate saying that the EDL did not speak for me or for Britain. I sent it to Twitter and then to Facebook! I did that because I am now too old to join marches or confront those who spread hate face to face.
I have marched in the past.....being a teacher in Rochdale brought me face to face with the thugs who in spreading their hate think its alright to rough up little girls and spit on their teachers.
My first march was through the town centre where I was joined by an old lady with a walking stick who stayed with me as we walked to a local park. She had a German accent and her story unfolded as we walked.
She had been taken to Auswitch as a small child. Her parents were killed...she survived by some miracle and still had her tattoo. Her eyes filled with tears when we got to the park and saw hundreds of people waiting.
"It's all happening again. Please don't let it happen again...this is how it starts"
It's starts because good people do nothing when confronted with evil.
What happened in Woolwich is the end result of hate...
Hate is corrosive. It destroys those who perpetrate it and those who receive it.
I am now too old to march.....though I joined many in the north in my now I write instead.
God, one God no matter what name people give to Him....God is love and those who live in God live in love and God lives in them .
Today is a day to show our love....all over this not hate.


  1. its very difficult Jean to be tolerant to all when you live in the thick of it like we do.
    We watch as our way of life is being eroded by people who want to live here in our free society, and then tell us which religion we should be. People that deliberately don't want our way of life but want all the benefits our way of life gives them. I agree my God is their God but they don't see it that way. I think sometimes the England that my father fought for and that others are now fighting is no longer. We are voices in the wilderness. I agree the EDL don't speak for me or for England but who does?

  2. All fair points Babs....and I know that now I am no longer living with the daily consequences of mixed race and culture but the EDL and BCP breed the sort of hatred that leads to violence and there can never be any excuse for that....
    We are now a multi racial society and somehow we have to learn to live peacefully together....we can't turn the clock back!