Monday, 10 June 2013

News travels fast here.

News of David's rescue dash yesterday morning has is typical of a small village that everyone knows what's happened within the hour. However his dash to get me to the church wearing his dressing gown has clearly caused some ripples.

One man rang last night to say he had heard of a sale of dressing gowns specially designed for early morning driving!

When I rang the local garage this morning there was a great deal of laughter without my mentioning dressing gowns.....word had spread.

It does make you realise though how careful you have to be......the word spreads so fast here that if you sneeze twice its reported in the next village!

I wouldn't have it any other way! It is a close knit community of people who actually do look after each other.

When my son died the news had travelled far and wide before I even got there.

People I hadn't seen for years , unconnected with the church took the trouble to send messages or leave flowers on the door step.

The gossip travels fast but so does the good will.

And David in his dressing gown behind the wheels of his Merc commands respect as much as laughter!


  1. Sounds a lovely community to be in.

  2. It is is.....a lovely place altogether!