Monday, 24 June 2013

The day after!

After a full weekend today is putting everything back where it belongs day! Cassocks, surplices, stoles, shoes, weird birthday presents are jumbled together in my room. Angie the cleaner has been asked to work round them!
It was a better birthday than I could have ever hoped for and David's lovely grandsons have all sent me emails after the lunch at the Nare yesterday. They are all hoping to go at some time. They did us proud, and I was indeed spoiled rotten.
This week is quiet by comparison so I will work my way through the piles of assorted detritus slowly. The foot cleaning attachment to wear in the shower has caused great gales of laughter...but has not yet been in use!
The black pearls look better in this picture than I's difficult to get them all in on a hand held self portrait! I took this one seconds ago!
I expect gravitas to return dreckly. Possibly.


  1. I'm glad that you have a lovely day as the end of a busy week, and that you now have a little respite to 'breath'.

    And the pearls are lovely as are you, you brighten my day whenever I read your life in rural Corwall.

  2. Earnie that is so kind thank you.....just brightened my day quite a lot!

  3. Thanks for posting the requested pic Jean. They do look lovely, and Earnie is right, so do you.
    I'm so glad you had a happy day.