Thursday, 25 July 2013

Another moan.

This morning I am continuing a small rant about buying things on line. Today the subject is not anything to eat. It's knickers.

I apologise to you all for this but may I say that my actual life is so full of angst, helping to deal with impossible situations, hoping to bring God into the light for people who are concentrate on a small problem of knickers might just help get me grounded today.

Last week I thought I'd taken advantage of an offer from my favourite large store. Three pairs of knickers for ten pounds! Ok I thought and sent for them . I clearly pressed the wrong button because one pair duly arrived.

I tried again this week and ordered three pairs. They arrived yesterday..all three but I paid £15 for them. They cost £5 each.

So in two weeks I have actually paid twenty pound for four pairs of pants! Which seems a bit steep....we are not talking silk here!

It is clearly my fault....almost everything that's wrong with the world is all my fault right now!

I could fight back, contact the store and get money back possibly or I could just have a long rant on the blog....either way its taken my mind off the rest! Thank you God!