Friday, 19 July 2013

Happy holidays.

We are out to lunch with family today. There is a pub garden with excellent food not far away!
This period is obviously the busiest of the year. Old friends arrive with the intention of revisiting old times....which I find hard right now as I remember bringing my children down for the summer immediately our schools closed.
We started with tents and moved to a tiny caravan which we pitched in an old farm pasture not unlike the one we have here. We stayed until it was time to go back to school. We surfed, we swam, we played together and those times are now precious memories to revisit occasionally.
Living here is different. Our roads are full and so are the shops and pubs but its an essential part of the economy and we welcome all our visitors with joy.
Old friends are signalling their intention to arrive in our midst. I have got a good store of cream tea basics to hand.....we are ready!
An friend of David's asked us to meet him in London this week. We couldn't go so my old darling sent a bottle of champagne to their room....suitably iced of course!
We enjoy seeing old friends, we welcome their visits.
Today the face looking back at me in the mirror is the one I usually see on cruises....brown and smiling....long may it continue.

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