Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hot sand.

I suppose it's inevitable that all this sun is bringing back memories of long lost summers here in Cornwall! In my memory it was always like this......I'm sure it wasn't really but that's how it looks from this standpoint!

When the first David retired we lived in Essex. It had always been our plan to go away immediately. Cruises had been mentioned. A cream linen suit hung in the I asked on his first morning of freedom

" Where shall we go ? "

He looked at me and grinned " Paradise" he said.

I knew he meant Cornwall.

It was hot and very beautiful. David was blonde, too much sun was anathema to him . We had worked out a routine over the years. We would walk the dog through shady lanes, near to streams during the day.

In the evening when everyone else was leaving the beach we would visit one where I would swim and then sit on the hot rocks to dry off. After that we would have a long cold drink in one of the local pubs!

Bliss. It really was paradise .

On one particular beach there was a convenient wall for David to sit on whilst I played. The current dog, a lovely golden called Major loved to dig and what better place than on a beach! He had made his own hole near to David's wall one year. He would swim with me and dry off in his hole after a gold old roll in hot sand. Our very disreputable looking dog approached his hole one hot evening and just as he got there a head popped up! A child had been enlarging it . Major did not see it like that. He gulped and did a classic dog took us at least an hour to get him back! The small boy was less than impressed too!

That hole was never visited far as Major was concerned it had been taken over by aliens!

The beach is now a short distance from where I live.

I might go back tonight!


  1. I tried to post a comment using my Ipad but failed.

    So, all I was trying to say was, enjoy your visit to your lovely old haunt, but don't fall down any holes (Major, or minor).

    "Paradise" sounds like a good description.

  2. Oddly commenting via the iPad can be asier than my lap top
    Both are temperamental!