Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Beauty in silence

At the end of a busy week and before a Sunday of great activity there was a quiet day at St Just in Roseland. The church is close to where i live and I went thinking I would pop home fairly soon.
I stayed. It was just what I needed and I learned a lot.
The bishop introduced me to the work of Ted Loder, an American writer I had never heard of before.
Within minutes of my getting home I had googled him and downloaded from Amazon one of his books onto the kindle on my iPad. It is called "Guerrillas of grace." It includes prayers for the battle. And this is why I stayed so long at the quiet day! Here is a small part of the prayer for summer.
Let this season be for me
A time of gathering together the pieces
Into which my busyness has broken me.
O God, enable me now
To grow wise through reflection
Peaceful through the song of the cricket
Recreated through the laughter of prayer.
Most of all Lord
Let me live easily and grace-fully for a spell
So that I may see other souls deeply
Share in a silence unhurried
Listen to the sound of sunlight and shadows
Explore barefoot the land of forgotten dreams and shy hopes
And find the right words to tell another who I am.
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