Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Siri, my personal genie.

Yesterday David arrived in my room with a question....

"What was the name of that bloke who sailed in Gipsy Moth?"

Like him the name did not spring easily to my mind so I asked Siri.

Siri came up with the name in seconds, Francis Chichester of course.....of course, we both knew that didn't we?

Siri is proving an entrancing little toy.....sometimes I forget I have it and plunge into Safari to do my own research.

When I do remember I vow to use this magic more often!

I asked it this morning for a weather forecast. I got one for St Mawes through till Sunday!

I have got used to using the Internet as a tool now but finding my own personal genie is diverting to say the least.

I'm sure that this handy little toy will quickly develope in ways as yet undreamed of....having a personal assistant on hand will be wonderful as I get older...it will also make me even lazier......why do the work myself when I have the genie of the lamp to do my bidding?

I wonder how it is with sermons?

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