Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Traps for the unwary.

What's a troll?

This innocent question was asked by my husband. Although he uses the Internet he does not dabble in social as far as he was concerned a troll was a mythical creature found on the wrong side of bridges with healthy appetites.

Last night we watched Luther for the first time. It had had good reports so we dipped our toes in .

Leaving aside all the scenes of violence it opened up my husbands eyes to a whole new world.

The murdered man had been a troll. He had spent his time on line saying cruel things about other people, hiding behind fake identities. The father of a maligned girl had taken the law into his own hands.

My dear David was bemused by the notion of a troll hiding behind a pseudonym and wondered how I knew what a troll was.

The answer was simple. I have had a couple of trolls of my own over the years.....dealing with them was simple...I ignored them...they need the stimulus of response.

My trolls were easy to deal with. Some are not and much depends on the persona of the one whose suffering their attentions. If they are fragile emotionally then the trolling will have a much greater effect obviously.

My husband was bemused by the entire thing and although we watched last nights episode we will never watch another. The amount of violence in one hour was more than most of us could cope with in a year!

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