Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Bad sales techniques.

Being a sales person used to need skill and drive....now you just need a computer.

Living in the country means I use digital means for shopping more than most! I am used to the emails insisting that their service is the best and offering excellent sales prices at this time of the year but the latest bombardment has this morning made me cross!

About a month ago I ordered some things on line from a chemist....shampoo, skin cream etc., hay fever tablets ...they came the next day and all was well. Since then I have been inundated with mail from several apparently different companies offering me on line medication! I do not want or need Viagra!

The latest thing is that I get an email with a link to medecines saying. "Have a good day" Hannah. This in itself is no problem but I woke up this morning to about 20 of them, Hannah joined by 19 sisters...Adele, Margo, Sara etc. They all had identical messages.

I replied to them all saying "please stop sending me emails." I then sent an email to the original supplier saying I would never use their service again!

By this time it must surely be evident that bombarding a prospective customer with mail is not going to do the trick. Most of us would I think resent all the time wasted on deleting so many emails.

More mail in this instance can only mean cross customers....so why do they do it?

It must be illegal to share our email addresses with all and sundry surely? If not it should be!

Disgruntled of St Mawes!


  1. Dear Disgruntled@stmawes.cw.uk,

    We very much regret that you've been spammed, but you do of course realise that when you registered with our site you failed to remove the teensyweensie tick form the obscure box on the second page, which would have prevented us sharing your email address.

    We note that from this, you might be having some eyesight issues and have now referred your email to Spec Savers and Boots Opticians.

    Yours Insincerely,

    Ripoff Chemists Inc of Alice in Wonderland

  2. Brilliant Earnie.....your whimsy is very funny!