Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Capricious seasons

We are I truly believe going through some climate changes......I am not sure what the reason for this might be but I do have my suspicions!
The results are clearly to be seen in my garden!
The extremely cold winter and spring gave way eventually and we had the startling sight of spring flowers out with the summer ones.
Yet again the wind cleared all the blossom from the fruit trees so we have just three cherries, four russet apples , no pears, no plums etc but. the raspberries did well!
Now everything in the garden is lovely....and this morning I found a slug..it's the first one all year!
Last year I collected them by the tens everyday...this year there has just been one slim line black baby one! That plus three snails in all is astonishing. I do not believe that I killed them all last year. There has to be another explanation!
The signs of frost damage has been minimal....plants were just slightly tipped with brown!
We have beautiful pots full of uneaten petunias, geranium and fuchsia . And I have not been putting down any killers!
So what's going one? Last years stink horns have not returned either!
I think climate change is now in place. Seasons of torrential rain and flooding are followed by heat waves! It's not a political question I just think we should be told!

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  1. I invented my own conspiracy theory years ago - I think they destabilised the Earth's orbit with nuclear tests... Doesn't really make much difference I guess!

    I am praying for you and your husband.

    Gill (@Baumflough)