Friday, 2 August 2013

Days in the sun.

Shhhh. We seem to be having a summer! For the last four years there have been only odd days scattered tantalisingly through months of dark and cloud. Now at the beginning of August it's possible to remember those wonderful holidays which lasted through weeks of glorious weather.

When we camped out on a field close by my children and I spent all day on the beach. We made cheese sandwiches and bought bottles of pop to keep us going and whole days were spent surfing! All three of us loved the feeling of speed and the rushing wind and the exhilaration of catching a wave just right.....they were glorious days....

My daughter was very blonde used to go into the sea in her pyjamas to stop sun burn. At the end of every holiday her body was always brown. The rays went through the fabric!

Once since I came to live here I drove my son to the beach we'd wasted our youth on....Chapel Porth near St Agnes. We stood together looking at the waves. Suddenly I pulled my swimming costume out of my bag, did a quick change on the beach and went.

He watched whilst I borrowed a board from the life guard and caught my wave.

These are the days I remember now with sadness and with joy...

There are too many regrets but also many many days of joy in the sun.......thank you God.

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