Friday, 30 August 2013

Soul food, West Wing.

I am tired having spent much time at the hospital or driving too and fro over the last days so last night was a small indulgence. Walking into a house with no dog, no cat and no husband was not good! So I pondered what to do with a free night!

I had bacon and egg with a glass of red wine which was fairly disgusting but it didn't matter at that stage and then I returned to an old love, West Wing.

I have failed to get David's interest in this wonderful series. He doesn't understand the accents or the I only ever watch it alone.

I got a lot of phone calls so I needed to be able to stop and start a lot. West Wing series five was perfect...and guess what? There was a crisis in the Middle East. The arguments for and against going in were much the same then as now . Fascinating stuff indeed.

When I started watching West Wing I had never been over the pond. Now I have spent several weeks there on and off and it is amazing how true the characters ring. They are not just the products of the Sorkin mind, they are real and very close to some good friends made over there!

I have another day at the hospital today.....The West Wing may save my sanity yet again tonight. So far so good.


  1. Hoping you will soon have David back safe and sound, but in the interim it sounds as though you have found the perfect (for you) solution to the empty house thing.
    Have never seen West Wing (my anti-American TV prejudice I'm afraid).
    Must try to overcome it.
    As ever, Blessings.

  2. Sounds as if the panacea for being alone is a dose of what does you good, and if that's West Wing, so be it.

    Praying continues for you and for David, may some healing come quickly so that you won't need to be at the hospital to many more times [*]