Thursday, 15 August 2013

Whose got me spoons?

The start to today has been different! We have lost five tea spoons with bright red handles. If we'd lost one or two it wouldn't have been noticed or missed but five going missing at once has been.

They belong to a set which for years lived on our boat. They shared all our holidays afloat and for sentimental reasons I am fond of them.

They made the transition to a house and being kept in a cutlery drawer well. We have used them here every day since we moved in!

Today there is just one left in the drawer! It's been on its own all week so the hunt for the lost ones is in progress.

This morning I have taken the rubbish bags and bounced them! No sound of jingling can be detected! I have rummaged through old and smelly food containers.

I have of course looked in the dishwasher, all the drawers in the kitchen and dining room. They are gone!

I have got other spoons, stainless steel , silver, ancient battered ones with ivory handles! But I want my red ones back!

Somewhere the spoon fairy is hoarding them....they are very colourful.....but I do want them back. Hoarding fairies everywhere take note....five spoons together can not just disappear.......when I find them there will be general rejoicing!



  1. Oh dear Jean, perhaps it was my reference to William Spooner earlier this week which triggered their escape.
    Believe it or not, this very week I have lost a steel sink plug. I used it to fill the sink in order to wash up my breakfast things on Tuesday and haven't seen it since.
    I can only think it must somehow have been caught up in stuff for the composter, (no, I ain't going fishin' in that lot).
    Either that, or the same avaricious fairy who took your spoons has my plug too.

  2. I understand that the formerly believed to be mythical Spoon fairy is on strike so the Tooth Fairy has been standing in and doing a marvelous job of collecting spoons for the Spoon Fairy.

    I understand that they hold them to ransom and they display them on ebay for sale if the ransom is not forthcoming.

    If you search ebay for Red T-spoons you come up with:

  3. Thank you always you've made me laugh!