Thursday, 5 September 2013

Answered prayers.

At some point of yesterday I realised that I was very tired. Then I realised that I hadn't had a meal since last Thursday...I've eaten fruit and biscuits on the go but not much else so I defrosted some sausages and managed two and a half before going out.

I had neglected to give my body the fuel it needed to run on!

The morning was spent trying to find the right phone numbers to cancel our holiday. We should be away for two weeks next Monday. I cancelled the flights and then the Madeira this year!

The next important task was to speak to someone about the magna clean system installed in our airing cupboard to save oil! The man putting it in had asked us if we had pace makers. As David should be getting his today it was essential to find out if it was going to be alright.

I failed. The firm putting it in seems to have disappeared completely and no one could answer the question, despite ringing every green energy firm I googled!

I arrived at the hospital frazzled.

David was much better...making jokes and laughing a lot. He is enjoying his food in contrast to my feeble attempts and when his after noon tea arrived he said to the young man

"Its not bad food in here. I'll come to your hostelry again. But it would be better if it had double rooms"

Then two other visiters arrived , one of them the man I visited on the previous day, now dressed! He had the answer to the problem I had been researching all morning! And he had a simple solution. Take a compas into the rooms affected. If it swings around wildly David would be in danger. I spent an hour when I got home! The compas was fine! So that anxiety is relieved.

He really was the answer to my prayer and so is David.

He really is almost back to normal....thank you God!




  1. Really good to hear that David has had his procedure and is on the mend. I sincerely hope that you will now have the time to be good to yourself, because both of you being unwell, wouldn't be the best outcome.

    Prayers continue for you both.

  2. Thank you Earnie......ill do my best!