Sunday, 29 September 2013

Being interviewed!

I have an unusual request this morning! Having been to the eight am communion I am now waiting for the arrival of a young man. An eleven year old young man.

We met on the occasion of his grandfathers funeral several years ago when he asked shyly if he could come and play with my dog!

Well yes, Crispin taught him a good deal about what was required of him as a dog walker, a thrower of balls and a stroker! A very happy morning was enjoyed by all.

His grandmother rang this week to ask what she described as an enormous favour..... It's not really!

The young lad has to interview someone for his school project....of course I said yes and last night his mother tipped me off on the subject we are going to tackle.

The importance of scriptures written thousands of years this modern age.....ahem...

I am not sure that he's going to get the authorised version but I've told his mother that he can bring his iPad. If all else fails we can sit and google together.

I had to warn him that I no longer had a dog! I fear he may not have quite such a good time as he did last time! Crispin is still much missed in these parts!


  1. The young man has been and left me with a sense of awe. Clearly he is highly intelligent but the depth of the questions he adked was staggering...we covered a lot of ground from reincarnation to Valhalla. He recorded the whole thing as well as making notes.
    I am quite pleased that the future of the human race rests in his generations hands! He did miss the dog though!

  2. What a marvelous experience. I'd have been stumped if asked about Valhalla? Not a clue.

    But, you're quite right. Many young people are written off just because they're young or don't dress or speak in the way we'd like, but in general, there is much more good than bad and they deserve better from us.