Sunday, 8 September 2013

Church hill!

David wanted to go to church this morning so I took him to the 8am at St Just! We did discuss going to St Mawes but there is a dreadful hill to go either up or down in order to reach it. A very steep hill is in itself not a problem but this one is full of twists and turns and a local population of people who think nothing of parking in odd places. If I'm going on my own I park by the sea wall and walk up the dreaded slope. This would be difficult for David right I chickened out of that one this morning!

Every time I go up or down that hill I thank God very earnestly that I don't have to live there!

Before I met David he had had plans made for converting the church hall into a dwelling place! The diocese and PCC had approved these plans. David would have had all the work done himself and on his death the home would revert to the church who could then have made a lot of money by letting it out!

I was presented with this scenario on becoming engaged! I used to walk up that hill full of dread that one day it would be a regular everyday occurrence....! Even my huge golden retriever would have not managed pulll me up.

In the end I was saved by the planning permission gurus! There was going to be room for only one parking space! And that was on a one in four bit of hill! The car would be standing almost upright!

We got the letter telling us that a request for more space had been turned down and the same morning came up to view the farmhouse we are now living in! No real contest. This won hands down and I've been thanking God for it ever since.

The church hall has been renovated and is back to being used by the church as a good meeting hall which is what it was built for......but getting up or down the hill still defeats many regulars in church!

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