Monday, 23 September 2013

iOS 7.

I had seen various warnings about installing IOS7. I had heeded the various heavy hints. So I carefully checked everything I thought I needed to check and decided that as my mini iPad was nearly new it probably deserved the update.

It didn't take long and it is very pretty with clean lines, white and pastel colours looks good!

I then foolishly decided to update my phone....iPhone4 had received the update so I reckoned it was safe....and for the most part it was but then at bed time I realised that all the music I had ever bought had appeared on it....thank you iCloud. I had not kept music on the phone deliberately , preferring audio books instead.

Trying not to disturb David I took the phone under the covers feeling like a naughty teenager! I finally found the felt almost like finding a good fairy siting at the end of the bed. There was the new John LeCarrie.....half read. I am enjoying it enormously since he is also reading it.....wonderful stuff. Especially the Cornish chapters!

This morning I realised that after my diatribe on the blog yesterday about Apple and passwords, I have now unwittingly let myself in for another daily dose of humiliation! To get into either the pad or the phone you have to use a's only 4 numbers but it's just one more hassle I don't need!

Other than that it's great....honestly.....


  1. Since writing that I have found all the audio books kept solely on the phone also on my can't say iCloud's not fair!

  2. I don't have apple tech, but do have i-player (or whatever it's called) and it keeps all music & podcasts and audio books on my webbook updated and I can access it from my blackberry tablet and phone. Might be slightly more unwieldy than true integration but it works for me.