Thursday, 12 September 2013

Letting go.

A month ago I was still young. Today I am old....The whole world having turned upside down.

David is OK and I hope to be able to report better soon! But the world I now live in has narrowed down to my home, my garden and the short drive into the village.

I am not working. I will miss today's chapter in our small church here.

There is a funeral on Monday which I will take but David will accompany me to that. After that, who knows?

Our horizons are now firmly focused on the Roseland here!

This was all crystallised yesterday when a polite young man rang up telling us we had won a holiday in sunny Bournemouth..."Congratulations" What?

Did he not have our post code? Is this a new ramp to fill some empty hotels? As the way in which we qualified for this prize was a survey we had supposedly done during the week David was in hospital I think I can presume the worst!

Hopefully in time our horizons may expand again....there is still a big wide world out there but as we live in the most beautiful place in the world , for the moment we are happy to view it from our windows.

Another piece from Ted Loder.

O God of ending

You promised to be with me always

Even to the end of time

Move with me now in these occasions of last things

Of shivering vulnerabilities and letting go.

Letting go of parents gone. Past gone

Friends going, old self growing

Letting go of children grown

Needs outgrown, prejudices in grown

Illusions overgrown. Amen


  1. Jean,

    You're not old, just going through a temporary blip. I know that David is restricted at the moment, but can you honestly see him giving in to his ailment in the longer term. As he recovers his strength, it's likely that you will be restored to some semblance of your normal routine, albeit, taking things in a more laid back way.

    Thanks for the Prayer/Poem from Ted Loder, I've taken the liberty of cutting and pasting it for use in my personal prayer diary.

    [*] prayers ongoing for you both.

  2. Thank you Earnie....I am hoping that your words are the right ones but I suppose growing old gracefully is a reasonable aspiration.