Monday, 16 September 2013

Nocturnal disturbance.

Last night was a bit of a disaster. Nothing tragic. Just things going wrong at the wrong moment!
We settled down to watch an old episode of Downton. The phone rang. Twice!
Settling down again we realised we'd finished our small glass of wine. David got up to replenish our glasses and fell over! He had hurt his knee and couldn't move! I went for a walking stick and eventually we settled down again!
Halfway through Downton he got up again to get to the loo. This time he fell on a chest full of family photographs.... After I'd picked them up I declared that it was bed time . I was not risking anything else!
I went to lock up and couldn't find my keys....I searched everywhere but no keys turned up! David by this time was in bed. I gave up looking and joined him...hoping nothing else was going to happen!
Needless to say I did not sleep! About two o'clock I got up and after moving everything at least twice I finally found the keys! Under two big bags! Don't ask!
After that sleep escaped me whilst I considered different scenarios to be played out today!
There were several different plots concerning how to fit in visits to nurses etc and a very large funeral I'm taking later. Asking various people to husband sit seemed the obvious solution but getting to the church to get parked before everyone else took precedence.
I finally fell asleep about six am to be wakened half an hour later by David tapping his way down the corridor making his way to freedom and food.
I got up! His knee is no longer swollen so some of my prayers have been answered. He insists he can drive himself to the doctors whilst I get my head in the right place! This was not one of my nightmare plots!
Hey ho! I think I can stay awake long enough to get through the funeral....I just hope we don't have to get the wheel chair out for me or David!

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  1. (*) And matchsticks to keep your eyes open :)