Thursday, 31 October 2013

DPD failed again!

Once again the DPD have not managed to fulfill their prediction! . This is now a long way past being funny. I got an e mail telling my parcel would be delivered yesterday. There was no time information until late morning. Then another mail came saying it would be between 7-8pm!
We were in all day so evening seemed odd but fine, we would look out for them. Having an upside down house means we can see all the traffic on the road as it approaches.
There was no van, no card, just another email telling us we were out....again. The last time was about a month ago! I received no apology and no explanation .
DPD drivers have obviously got some sort of scam going....and are making the company look very bad indeed. They are not only ineffecient they are also liars! The card they say they have left is non existent.
I know of another person this has happened to here in Cornwall. She was also furious!
The company invited us to tweet our DPD experience...this was a mistake!
I did just that and got several disgruntled tweets immediately. Then a DPD representative appeared . She seems to have gone home after office hours! When I looked at her time line there were hundreds of complaints just for one day! This is not a successfull company.
It is impossible to speak to a human voice if you try ringing. No email is ever answered, which just makes any situation worse. They have obviously thought one person on twitter can resolve the problem but it just highlights it!
The worst thing is that these people will be bidding to get the contracts for the recently privatised Royal Mail....this would be a disaster of epic proportions. Would anyone want to trust them with anything important?
Tempted to sign "Disgusted of Tonbridge Wells " but it really isn't funny!

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