Friday, 18 October 2013

Forward planning!

We have another manic Friday! I should in all honesty manage things better but mostly it's fine. The gardener appears whilst we are still in bed.....he starts early because he goes to Father Terence mid morning. He says Friday is his holy day!
The cleaner arrives at nine.....often whilst David is in the village collecting his paper! Parking is not a problem unless as now you have piles of bricks, paving stones and cement as natural hazards!
Our builder has knocked off now till Tuesday! Don't ask!
This leaves a little room for the van from Tesco....but not much!
I hope to get the food put away before we set off for the hospital. David is having his pace maker checked. I am driving in case he can't get close enough to reception!
His walking is not good so I am going to get him a wheel chair when we arrive!
It's all a question of organisation!
Thinking it through before hand is necessary though, which is difficult in a house full of people with other things on their mind.
I look back on the weeks before he got ill with great affection now.....time to pray, to think, to relax...
Dear Lord let me be me occasionally! Once a week would do!

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  1. Prayers for you and for David as you continue under pressure.

    If your builder works in the South East, we've got work in our garden to be done, but can we get someone to give us a quote? NO :)