Saturday, 26 October 2013

Four doors good. Two doors bad?

The coming storm is keeping all our minds busy right now! Nothing like getting up to see doors wrenched off summer houses and windows blown in to concentrate the mind! First though we have to deal with Sunday!

In the first years of my living here I drove a Discovery, a wonderfully stout vehicle bought to tow a caravan.

Now I drive a lovely little Beetle. I love it dearly but it's only small!

When I was Church secretary and worship leader at the local church I used the Disco all the time for transporting people around. Old ladies and their cats and dogs filled my seats!

It's not like that now. The Beetle is a two door job.....Getting people into the back takes dexterity which is lacking in some people so I don't volunteer transport at all these days.

Last night caught me on the hop. On Sunday I am doing the first ever 9am communion in a neighbouring parish. An old friend rang me to ask if I would please take her and her husband to the service .

I said yes until I started to think about it. They are even older than me! They had I think forgotten I didn't live near them any more or that the Discovery was no longer the village taxi!

Saying no does not come easily to me so I have mulled on ways and means!

David came up with the solution....his car has four doors and is twice as big as mine!

Problem only partially solved. He is insisting on driving them...old friends from way back....

So now I have to decide whether to go in my beetle on my own to start the service on time or do I go with the other three to make sure we arrive at the right church? They are all well into their eighties...hmmm,

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  1. Sounds like you'll be doing some 'Beetling' around :)