Thursday, 17 October 2013

Marriage baggage.

David has gone to church to get it ready for the midweek communion. He is in pain with the blasted knee but he wants to do it. I think its a hang over from when he and Netty , his first wife died. It's a job they used to do together even after she had had a stroke.  They were married for over 50 years and he still misses her....entering into wedlock at our age we are bound to have baggage....but it's something we both accept as part of the deal.
Our home is full of Netty's pictures. She was a wonderful artist and they fill the house with grace and love.
In my room I have some pictures from my previous life alongside some of hers....they go well together and I am lucky to have them.
This part of Autumn is full of memories, some painful , some full of joy.....but we are each aware that our memories are of other times, other lost loves and other pains.
We both do what we can to help the other one along and that's what makes us lucky....that and our shared faith...
We both know that death is not the end....that life goes on in a different form and that our loved ones are already there!
And that makes us laugh a the various spouses and relations will greet each other causes roars of laughter at times....I am not sure the first David and the second would get on!
I am sure that I would love Netty though....anyone who can paint like that gets my complete respect.
I will now shed my maudlin thoughts and get on with some real work.....changing the bed linen! I am sure that Netty changed the sheets far more often than I do but David never seems to notice one way or another!
Some baggage in a marriage can sink without trace given a good following wind!
Never mixed so many metaphors in me life ! Oops!

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  1. I think that it's lovely that you both get along and are happy to share the memories and possessions of previous marriages. Perhaps that's the beauty of remarriage after being widowed, you come together without bitterness or poor relationships which are the baggage that sometimes comes when divorcee's remarry.

    Been there, got the tshirt so to speak But now, after 25 years together we are on a much more even keel, and growing old together, thinking each others thoughts and sharing whatever we've done while we're apart (Jen is still working) and dare I say that we are like a pair of comfortable, loved slippers, fitting perfectly together?