Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Shouting at God.

We got bad news at the end of last week. I have been trying to blog cheerfully ever since but it's an effort. I am not going to talk about the dreadful scenario unfolding daily except to say that between our various villages news travels at great speed.
I had to go to the next village yesterday to collect some tablets which had not yet been packaged so I sat in the waiting room
I knew every other single person there and they all had heard the news. Arms were folded round me and I was hugged till I had to push them away to dry my eyes.
One person I have known for 30 years or so exclaimed,
"How much more does God think you can take for goodness sake? "
Fair question to which there is no answer.
I'm ready for another comprehensive shout at God any time soon but right now the builder has yet to finish the path, family are arriving today and I am back to doing what I do best in hard times.
I am wandering. In and out of hedgerows I go, gathering along the way.....
It's not that I'm turning into my's my grandmother who used to go is a very healing process.
As my old friend from yesterday said to an almost full waiting room.
"I knew her before she was a vicar....she needs a good shout"


  1. [*] Is all that I can offer. If I were there than a hug would be appropriate.

  2. An abundance of prayers, wishes and blessings on their way to you Jean, sadly, all I can offer.
    In the meantime shout as much as you like, God has earplugs.
    Love and blessingsX

  3. I thank you all most sincerely for your prayers....we need them right now! They are the most important thing to be offered...again thank you.