Monday, 7 October 2013

The earth is moving!

I walked downstairs in my dressing gown at eight o' find ourselves surrounded! Lorries, large machinery, cement mixers....they had all arrived before eight! I rushed upstairs to get my clothes on and to activate David who has an appointment at the doctors at nine ish..
When I tentatively suggested a dry path around the garden I meant the odd paving stone placed at intervals! This is a major development dreamed up by David because he had nothing better to do!
The turf cutter is now outside doing what it says on the tin! A great swathe of brown earth is now going slowly up the garden.
I'm hiding....our cleaner comes this morning. There is no where to put her car and my neighbours can't get theirs out!
The speed at which it's all happening is incredible! They are halfway up the garden....and it's about the size of a football pitch! I'm not sure when the paving slabs and the bricks are due to arrive but hopefully not until this set of machinery has gone!
One happy thought in the middle of the earth"ll sort those bleep bleep moles out!

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  1. Sounds like a nightmare? At least we have off road access to our garden, so some work to be done soon will not block anyones access. Hope that it all goes well and that you're able to get everything in order quite soon.