Sunday, 27 October 2013

Wild And Woolly Sunday!

Yesterday my husband got caught in a wave that crashed over the sea wall...and the big storm had yet to start!
Tomorrow is looking appalling but first we have a Sunday to negotiate!
This morning I have a service at nine am in a neighbouring village. Two old members of the congregation have moved to a different village but wanted to go, would I pick them up please ?
Erm....I don't live in either village. But David my even more elderly husband volunteered to pick them up!
Which is fine but they live along another sea wall!
We have decided on a round trip and I will accompany them on the circuitous route! Three people approaching 90 might end up anywhere.
This mean't waking up far too early and dishing out wild weather warnings via twitter for those who have homes here but are currently absent from them.
Getting to church will be a relief....and I'm taking my own congregation with me....five all told !
Merrily we go along, is becoming very surreal!

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