Saturday, 19 October 2013

Wonderful NHS

Yesterday was the first time David had to go and have his pace maker checked.

The rain came down in torrents, I was chosen to drive us in, over the ferry and to deposit David at the reception area of the hospital. I parked in a disabled space to get him as close as possible.

Inside we asked how far away the clinic was. I knew he could not possibly make it so asked for a wheel chair. The smiling lady on the desk produced one like pulling a rabbit out of a hat!

Off we went, the first time me pushing my husband won't be the last!

The clinic was well run, staffed by helpful nurses and when it was our turn the young technician explained every single bit of the procedure. David had met him before and was put completely at his ease.

I pushed him back to the car, returned the wheel chair and got us home in good order!

David had left his glasses in the hospital but there was a message on the answer phone to say they had them , what should they do with them? David rang them back....we have another visit next week so we can pick them up then!

He and I both have access to private health schemes by virtue of our previous employment.

When we were home he said emphatically, "If anyone ever criticizes that hospital or the National Health Service in my hearing I shall get very rude! They have been wonderful, as has our local doctor!"

He is dismantle the NHS would be an act of vandalism of epic proportions. My arch Tory husband has now seen the light! Alleluia!

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  1. Sometimes it takes a lifetime. But seeing the 'light' in terms of politics can take a bit longer so, Alleluia indeed :)