Thursday, 7 November 2013

Automatic driving.

Finding ourselves in deep water most of the time right now driving my husbands car should be child's play!

I have driven it on a previous occasion but as we were travelling motorway roads where one gear was all I needed it was a doddle.

His car is big and automatic and mine is tiny with gears.

David can't drive anymore so it's a steep learning curve. He wants to keep his routine where possible so I will take him into the village every morning for his paper....he likes to chat!

This morning I drove him down in his car for the first time. There was nothing automatic about it, all the controls are in different places in his car! He was very good!

I used to drive a Discovery automatic for years....commuting between Essex and Cornwall every month for years! So driving an automatic large car is not new to me. In those days I had two golden retrievers in the back who sometimes tested my concentration! Especially when they barked in unison at passing horses or cows.

David is often even more vocal but this morning as I struggled with the new controls he was very very quiet.

The village was busy...alot of people were out collecting their newspapers on a dry, fairly bright morning.

This was the start of a new way of life....for us both...and it was OK! I think.


  1. Well done you.
    You demonstrate daily just how very adaptable you are, so this will be just another hurdle.
    I wish you could have fewer to cope with, but clearly that is not going to be the path for you, so all I can do is continue to pray (I will), and wish you every blessing.

  2. Thank you Ray.....I think circumstances make us adaptable and I seem to have had more circumstances than most. My prayers for you continue too!