Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Jumping through hoops!

I am bordering on being over whelmed. Certainly I feel astonishment and a certain amount of awe at the fact that on waking this morning it was to find "Joey in Cornwall" could be found on Amazon Kindle!

It didn't happen as if by magic! It took several days, emails flowing backwards and forwards to achieve this!

It started almost as a see if it could be done.....

We hit many snags en route, not least the fact that a charge had to be made...which I suppose from Amazons stand point is reasonable....after many dark mutterings I went for the cheapest option, a dollar....

I have never seen writing as a way of making money so going with this one was a problem! However one dollar translates into 77p so I relented....not sure how much of a royalty that's going to bring me but it really is not about the money!

The book cover was something I knocked up on a dark afternoon, not thinking it would be's a Cornish beach...very stoney with a little duck nestling! Well I had to fill in all the sections en route!

I even managed the arcane world of international banking. It's amazing what you can do when you set your mind on it !

I soon mastered the art of logarithms when I wanted to do Astrology and this is in the same class!

Anyway there it is...I never achieved it with the first there is a definite air of self congratulation here! Don't worry that won't last's just a tiny beam of light in an otherwise dark landscape!

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