Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lord hear our prayer.

This morning presiding at the early morning communion was lovely.

It was quiet, untroubled by rain or wind and was actually quite warm.

It felt very strange asking the congregation to pray for my husband because I'd taken him with me....but he wasn't the only one on the list.......

We prayed too for the people in the Philipines. Before going to church I had seen on the news the people crowding into devastated churches....their roofs blown off in the massive storm. What ever afflicts us it is as nothing compared to their suffering and yet still they turn to God.

They are a religious people to whom prayer comes easily but at times they must be asking where God is in all this. I can identify with this sense of loss and bewilderment .

Why are we asked to cope with disasters on this scale?

There are no glib answers to that I'm afraid. This beautiful planet has been ruined. Climate change will get worse we are told and yet still the large companies are polluting the Arctic. The only consideration is profit....making more and more money.....but when global warming has melted the ice, lifted sea levels, destroyed the environment designed to nurture and to feed, what good will money do us?

The large companies determination to make money no matter who it affects or what damage may be done to our God given planet will in the end profit no one....because we will all be in the same boat as the people in the Philipines now. Lord hear our prayer!

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