Thursday, 28 November 2013

Story number 32.

We are fortunate in having quite a lot of visitors right now...many old friends, some turning out to be quite different close up than a nodding previous acquaintance suggested! Some have a wonderful line in story telling and David joins in with alacrity.

In his present state though he is all too well aware of the danger of repeating himself....he tells everyone to stop him if they've heard the story before. Usually they are much too well mannered but one or two do just that so today he took great pleasure in turning the tables in telling a visitor that he'd heard his story before.

He has worked out a way of making the whole situation seem bearable . He tells everyone he can save time by giving every story a number so that all he has to say is.."No 18"

This makes everyone laugh so when a man arrived this morning who had been here last week too, he told David that his method was catching.

In the post office he'd heard someone say..."Have you heard David's number thirty two yet? "

This is probably apocryphal but it could be true!

The human spirit is a truly wonderful thing....even in the sadness that is our life right now there is still time to joke and to laugh and we do!


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