Saturday, 7 December 2013

Ambulance men!

I spoke too soon on the last blog. David got much worse yesterday and I had to call for a doctor. He just kept falling asleep. He even fell asleep in the middle of a conversation with the doctor on the phone.

Eventually I rang 999 and within five minutes two young men appeared from the local fire station just along the road. They both knew me and were just wonderful....they gave David oxygen which woke him up and were getting a defibrillator out when the cavalry arrived in the shape or two more ambulance men....four seemed a bit excessive but they all helped. It was a local support team trained to keep the patient alive till the full time ones arrive. Then a friend out walking his dog , a retired GP joined in and got on the phone immediately. Another doctor then turned up so there were a lot more chiefs than Indians...

The upshot of this was that a bed was reserved for him at Treliske, once again in medical admissions.

I remembered that the last time I nearly threw up in the ambulance driving at speed through the streets of Truro so I elected to drive myself and meet them there...

I got there first! They were as astonished as me!

The upshot of all this is that when the chips are down the NHS is simply wonderful.



  1. Hope David gets better soon x

  2. I'm pleased you feel you're getting the help you need. My thoughts are with you x

    1. Thanks Babs. I am fortunate here!

  3. Sorry to hear that David is encountering more problems, but at least it seems your local NHS is one to be proud of.
    I hope there is improvement soon. Prayers continue.X