Saturday, 21 December 2013

Busy Day!

On the last Friday before Christmas everyone we know got in touch.....that is an exaggeration but only a slight one! The phone rang, the visitors arrived, and by evening we were extremely tired!

Amongst those ringing to ask after David and wether he was able to receive visitors were old friends of us both who had not heard the bad news...or who had just heard and needed clarification.

David's son arrived and with his help he was finally able to walk right to the top of the garden! An ambition fulfilled! I told them where the wheelbarrow was kept just in case!

By evening we were very tired. We had been contacted by Tesco protests about getting the Christmas delivery three weeks early had finally born fruit....

We also made sure that we both had enough tablets to get us to the far side of the week without worrying anyone! This involved having to tell people that under no circumstance would I drive over to the next village for my prescription again....I have given up on the bad tempered pharmacist completely. .

The number of times I clattered down the stairs yesterday afternoon was legion....but I think all our stuff ordered over the internet has just about arrived....the food comes tomorrow!

The daffodils are still in their box in the summerhouse to keep them cold. Flowers for Christmas arriving five days early seems unreasonable but hopefully by the time I get them out they will still be alright for Christmas Day!

I have handed over all the cards to be posted by visitors wiling to be pressed into service....

We are hoping for a quieter day today....


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  1. Glad that David achieved something that he wanted to do. It must be a real trial for you both, but hopefully people will realise that you need space and some warning and be prepared to be put off if you feel that David isn't up to seeing them.

    Heard today that a good friend who went in for routine surgery yesterday, died while under the knife. It was a real shock because she was a huge support to us earlier this year when Jen was dangerously ill in Hospital - she went out of her way to help us and was he only one that I allowed to visit as Jen wasn't up to seeing anyone at the time. And her family is devastated but coping - just.

    Prayers continue for you and David and I hope that you get the quiet time you need. :)