Thursday, 19 December 2013


Taking each day at a time is working...

People pop in and out...the ones we like best are those who at odd times find themselves driving past and decide to come in. They arrive, stay for about quarter of an hour, offer help and support and go.... Apart from family this is just about long enough for David who tires easily.

Some people think they need to stay longer and then overdo hour is too long for most people...two hours means that David gets fed up and just drops off....this hint that the audience is at an end is enough to get most people scuttling for their cars.

I have now had phone calls of help from the community nursing staff and I appreciate this enormously....we don't yet need the help being offered but it's good to know that when that point is reached there is a number to ring.

Yesterday we were both touched by the offer of a lift to the hospital on David's first date for radio therapy after Christmas.

People here are very very good and we know that in a city it would be a village where we all know each other there is always someone to help with the small practicalities like posting our Christmas cards...picking up prescriptions from the surgery, carrying the heavy bins out on refuse collection day..

Each small act of kindness adds up to a massive show of love for which we are very grateful and quietly amazed!

It is practical Christianity alive and well and living in Cornwall....evident and inspiring....thanks be to God.

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  1. Thank you for a lovely affirming post - goodness in people can come out in many unexpected ways and I still believe in goodness rather than badness, because my experience of the former is much more than the latter.

    [*] ongoing for you both.