Thursday, 12 December 2013

Lurching forward!

Yesterday I needed help. David spent the day in bed which he clearly needed after a traumatic few days in hospital!

Today he is up and shaving...and there is a note of triumph in his face and voice as he opened the bathroom door to reveal the soap over his chin!

Help has been promised from two sources , Macmillan and a local organisation.

This morning we are coping well but who knows what tomorrow might bring?

People are wonderful here....visitors turn up with good wishes, mince pies and puddings...

Often it's people from families I have connected to over the years, married their daughters, buried their spouses...christened their's very heart warming and it all helps....

I have persuaded David that he need not wear dress shirts....simple sports shirts and pants will do!

The great thick socks are to keep his legs warm!

Based on today so far we can cope....he tells me he went down stairs in the night on his bottom...which was sensible....but I missed it!

As we lurch from day to day we are aware of the goodness of people and of God....

Thank you Lord...


  1. [*] ongoing for you and David. It appears that ups and downs will be a feature of treatment and recovery. {{{Hugs}}} for you.

  2. Thank you Earnie....feeling much better today....