Saturday, 7 December 2013

Sleeping .

Yesterday the visit to the hospital took much longer than we had thought. On our arrival we approached the reception desk to find it manned by the young woman who used to be our next door neighbour!

There were many hugs...and it was very good to find a familiar face in what is still alien territory!

Arriving home around lunch time we were very tired.

The phone kept ringing.....kind people wanting to visit. I'm afraid I had to put everyone off. We were both very tired but David has now become seriously exhausted....he slept on and off all day and I had to get him to bed very early so I missed the Mandela concert but I will catch up with it on I player during the day!

Right now he worries when I'm not with him. Early bed times from now on!

This morning David is still very tired...which I suppose is to be expected...

I will man the phone and set up watch on the gate! It's a new roll but one I'm equipped for I think!

Just as well I can sleep on a's back to the time when the babies were small....when they slept I slept too!

As we move from day to day in this new life I am aware of all the prayers and good wishes and they do make a difference....thanks to you all.

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