Friday, 13 December 2013

Things that make me cry, laugh and get cross!

Things that make me cry
Yesterday I wept when my old parish sent me a lovely bunch of tiny jonquils with a lovely scent. I always put daffodils on the altar for Christmas Day!
Trying not to be too gloomy for the second year running on my Xmas news letter!
Knowing I'm not going to be singing in the Carol Service or any other service come to that!

Things that make me cross.
The moles who are trying to bury the lovely new path with huge hills all around it! I am revising my statement about not killing the little ######
The man who kept David awake all night during his stay in hospital shouting for the nurse! She always came too!

Things that make me laugh.
Explaining to people that David was ready to murder the man in the next bed and needed to get home!
The lovely cards coming daily. Some are very funny!
Some very accomplished visitors who say just the right thing to get David laughing!
The fact that at the bottom of his case I found the Gideon version of the New Testament....coals and Newcastle come to mind!

Things that bring joy
The review on "Joey " written by a dear friend this morning!
A lovely e card from friends made on the last cruise....I played it for David in bed and it was just glorious.
The care shown to David by nurses and doctors alike....wonderful!
The number of people offering help and meaning it!

The family...his and mine who are trying to plan good things over Christmas without really knowing where we will be up to!

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  1. As always prayers ongoing - and so lovely that you can do a mini-stock take (as my SD described it) of things that bring Joy, laughter and also those that trouble you.

    The moles needs to get some helmets because it sounds as if war is being declared. :)

    I hope and pray that both you and David and your families are able to enjoy some peace and love together over Christmas and that you are able to at least sing a little, even if at home.

    Love is a many splendoured thing so the song goes and love emanates from your writing and blog. God love you.