Monday, 2 December 2013

Unique...or just useless!

There is no sun today and after last week that is good news!

The sun is very low in the sky right now, particularly in the early last week having bumped a wing mirror at one stage I have found myself telling an old I hadn't thought about for years.

I have no reflex in my eyes.....for years I had odd eyes because just one simply did not react to light.

My doctor spotted this on his first visit to the house after my daughter was born.

He had me into hospital at alarming speed!

For two weeks in Manchester Royal I was examined by about 20 young doctors every day. The consultant used to say on a regular basis.

"There could be much worse places they could be looking at!"

Having left my babies at home with my mother this did nothing to cheer me up.

Eventually they sent me home complete with my odd eyes....I had to go back for years until they decided it wasn't life threatening...

They had they said fed my symptoms into a computer. These were about the size of a double decker in 1966!

They came up with the remarkable fact that I was one else in the world had what I'd got!

This will come as no great surprise I know but it is no longer good eye has caught up with the bad one...I don't have odd eyes any more...they are both the same...useless in sunlight

That's my excuse anyway!


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