Saturday, 4 January 2014

Dragon at the gate!

Since David got sick visitors are an everyday occurrence. We are only getting from one week to the next by the kindness of friends...

Much of the help offered and given is well above the call of either duty or friendship and we are both extremely greatful for all the help being offered.

I have asked the other priests in this cluster to explain that Davd is not always able to receive people....he is very tired whilst his radio therapy progresses.. Most people understand this but we do feel bad when someone gets turned away....I have now asked that people ring up first but yesterday the system went slightly askew!

We had had a morning visitor, asked another one not to come and settled down for a sleep. When the phone rang it was a voice from the distant past explaining that his father was at our front door and couldn't make us hear!

I rushed downstairs and there were three visitors who had been knocking, debating their next move. One had had the sense to ring his son! I went down quickly.....not using the stair lft!

I said only one of them could come in....feeling like the dragon on the gate!

Today David's son is coming with his wife. They will be very welcome but I shall have to take up my position as gate keeper yet again!

This plus dismantling Christmas on and off all day is going to keep me on my toes..... And it's not like any other Sunday I can remember....but there will still be time for prayer.....


  1. Your cup runneth over - literally. Of course David will need rest and so do you.
    You've heard the expression "killing with kindness"? You need to make sure it isn't you two.
    Perhaps one of your clergy contacts could explain in church, to the congregation at large if need be, that while you are overwhelmed by kindness a trickle rather than a flood, with gaps in between would be the kindest of all.

  2. It seems to me that people are anxious to be and to do good, but perhaps in an unthinking way, which makes things very difficult for you both. Not sure of the solution as it seems unkind to turn them away, but your own health and David's and peace of mind need to take priority.

    Hoping and praying that people actually think before they visit and give you the space you both need to rest and just breathe.