Friday, 31 January 2014

Getting somewhere!

I have had ample time now to sample the delights of the stair lift, installed on Thursday. It has got graceful curved lines in places but the visual impression is not exactly homes and garden!

There is a bit sticking out near a door which has to be lowered every time...the noise of grinding metal is not conducive to a quiet life. Once in place the worst bit are the bleeps...It bleeps when you begin the operation, through the ride and goes on till the sticking out bit is safely lifted back into place....

If you go off to get something from upstairs or downstairs the bleeps resound through the house....until you've parked the chair!

No one would have this in their home except for need. In this case the need to get my husband up to the bedroom and sitting room.

He will have to take his heating aids out first!

As an optional extra to any home it does not fit into the farmhouse cosy image at all but it does get up and down the stairs!

The other good news is that I have not had to bleed the radiator in my bedroom so far today...I haven't yet tested any of the others...but by this time most mornings I've used the key twice! Hope is starting to spring!

Yesterday's young man has clearly solved some if not all the problem!

Now all I need for a slightly better weekend would be to see some improvement in David. Even a little improvement in his mobility would help and I'm not too proud to beg....please God!


  1. Continuing prayers for you and David and hugs. (()) Janet

  2. [*] and {{{Hugs}}} for your both.

    It's good to see some progress for you in terms of heating and stair lift. As you say, not the prettiest or quietest of things, but needs must!

    I'm really asking God to give David the improvement and strength that he needs to be able to come home. It must be a struggle for you going to and fro, and I'm sure that it wont be easy when he gets home. I know that when Jen got out of hospital last January she improved hugely within the first few days at home and TLC and her own bed and not having to have an Oxygen mask on 24/7