Monday, 13 January 2014

Help needed and received!

Written at 3pm last night.

I am sitting down watching David breath. He has collapsed and is lying in the doorway of the bathroom. He can't get up. Last night he only got into the bedroom by inching in on his hands and knees. Getting him into bed took a long time.

He is very weak indeed now. I am not sure what the next move can be. I have sent for an ambulance to get him back into bed...or hospital or where ever he needs to be!

He is supposed to be having his last radio treatment this morning but I'm not sure that's possible now!

The poor man has his head on a pillow and I've covered him with a duvet.

Lord help him please...

There is a rise and fall visible from here and the ambulance has to come a long way round!


The ambulance men were truly wonderful. They debated whether to take David in or not and then got him back into his own bed. He sleeps now but I am fearful of what the day may bring. A new ambulance crew will arrive this morning.

I need assistance now I will ring everyone I can think of when it gets light enough!

Thank God for the NHS.

Much later

So much help appeared and I am very grateful for it!

David has had his final radio therapy now but instead of coming home a friend who is also a doctor got him into the local care home where he is safe. He will stay there until I get the equipment into the house that we should only take a few days!

So many thanks for all your prayers...they do make a difference!



  1. We don't plan on stopping them any time soon, Jean. Much love xx

  2. I'm away for 8 days but shall be thinking and praying for you both

  3. I'm so glad for both of you that David has had the final treatment. Now as you said he is safe.
    At least he doesn't have to be trundled about like a parcel and can hopefully get some rest.
    Please recognise that you need as much rest as he does.
    Love and hugs and extra prayers continue.X

  4. I'm so glad David was able to complete his treatment. He should be able to rest completely now, and you too, knowing he doesn't have to be trundled about the county.
    Extra love hugs and prayers for you both.X

  5. So glad he has finished his treatment and that he is safe. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. It must be a very frightening time xx

  6. Thanks to you means a great deal!