Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Paying my dues.

Today I have to start paying some bills....

All the ones that have arrived since David grew so weak are piled in date order on my desk! So far since New Year none have been paid which is most unusual for us and unfair on people waiting for their money so have to make a start if I can.....

My upbringing by my Welsh Baptist grandparents left me in no doubt that not paying people promptly was a deeply immoral act!

My mother and father were almost always in debt because there was no money left after paying for Dads alcohol dependency. I learned acting early when I had to answer the door to the rent man and tell them that no one else was home!

In adult life, apart from a mortgage I have never been in debt, not even when I was a single mum!

A certain pride....probably inherited from the Welsh valleys , guided me and my children through the storms of life being able to say..."We don't owe anyone anything!"

So now it's time to tackle the growing pile of bills...

During all my adult life I don't remember ever quibbling at bills....various ways of paying like direct debits or standing orders have meant that money left my account almost without my noticing it!

Today is different though....these bills are mostly for the attempts to solve our heating problems!

As this is an ongoing situation that has yet to be fixed properly I find myself muttering under my breath as I recall the young man who decided that sludge was our problem and the only solution was to have the system pressure hosed. The two estimates vary by 8 hundred pounds! We didn't do it but the bills for his time and "expertise" are also fairly high!

The fact that another plumber found no sludge at all hasn't helped! The second plumber got cash in hand....says it all really.....

Paying the bills today is displacement therapy of course....it will defect my mind from the steadily weakening man that is my dearly loved husband...so pass me the cheque book please!

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  1. This is a position we should all be in - no debt. Wonder if the economy would survive if there was no credit available?

    [*] and {{{Hugs}}} continue.