Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Practical solutions!

Following David's collapse this week I am now trying to get the house safe for him to come home to. The number of things that I can borrow from various agencies is amazing! We had already got a wheel chair from the Red Cross!

The district nurse turned up after a phone call in the very early morning with a commode! This a very different item than the ones I've seen before!

An old lady I used to visit whilst I was still up north always asked me to sit on hers...it took me weeks to realise what it was and then I felt very uncomfortable with it....so that was the image in my mind when the dreaded word was spoken....

This new one, still wrapped in polythene is a modern streamlined version...with arm rests...It can be placed without its bowl over the regular loo and is much easier to get off! So that's one problem solved!

In David's room in the nursing home is a zimmer frame... We were given permission to take that home with us and this plus the chair lifts will give him some freedom of movement!

Today I am having a delivery of a special mattress and cushions so that he won't develope pressure sores....I've checked....he hasn't got any yet!

The care system once kicked into life is now working extremely well....and I am very grateful for it.

Also for all the help I am being offered...on a personal level.... A kind man today is bringing me a casserole he made last night which is very touching!

My car has been started and no longer sits neglected outside! Another friend has given me the phone number of a man who may be able to solve my heating problems! People reading this blog are ringing with practical solutions.

Thanks to all the kind people who are offering us their prayers and good wishes....and to God who is still good!


  1. [*] and {{{Hugs}}} continue for both you and David. It's really good to see that the care system does work in rural Cornwall, I'm just wondering if it'd work as well in more Urban areas, where perhaps people don't know each other as well as the people in rural communities do? But lovely to hear all the same.

  2. May the good things continue while the others diminish Jean.
    Love and prayersX