Monday, 17 February 2014

Acts of kindness.

I am trying to get ready for the funeral. I know that I must look through some of Davids things but it's not coming easily to me.

I have to ask myself how I would feel if other people were rummaging through my things...and I wouldn't like it...but still it has to be done...

I am so glad to have reclaimed our barn. Many things can be stored in there to wait to be picked up by younger members of the some stage....

Davids more precious things I have put to one side to be given to his children....

The whole process is full of pain....but I know it has to be done....

The weather is improving and the garden is looking wonderful, especially David's last present to me...the path leading me with dry feet all the way round it! One day I will tread the path without weeping...

Tonight I will make a huge pot of soup, French Onion I think but people will need something as they arrive from up country...

No one can get here by train.., Cornwall will remain cut off for some time I'm afraid...

In this strange new world I am living in, flowers arrive daily, so many cards are being delivered that it looks like Christmas again...small acts of kindness multiplied every day..for which I am deeply grateful...

We are almost ready.....I hate it!


  1. No words :( [*] and {{{Hugs}}}

  2. Prayers and hugs for you as you continue to face your loss

  3. Its best that you do the clearing for David. He would I am sure hate strangers rummaging through his belongings.You are the one person to do it for him.
    I am ever mindful of the fact that someone will have to clear up for me, so E bay and the local hospice are kept busy. I have trouble clearing books, apart from them I can be ruthless. Good luck Jean

  4. You;re doing incredibly well Jean. It's a pity the weather has to be doing its worst just when you could do with some cooperation, but sadly, that appears to be part of the plan.
    Onion soup sounds like a good idea.
    David would be so proud of you.
    Love and prayers .. X

  5. Thanks to you all.....tomorrow is going to be daunting But your kindness will help.